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About BeautyCreations
In this site, I try to provide Everything that is related to Beauty & Women.
At the same time try my best to provide everyone with a good service.
Hope that everyone will be able to enjoy shopping here, and will never
empty handed after visiting this site (Hopefully) ;)

What is on running?

4 in 1 Apparel Pre-order#4
* Closed

*Click on the Image to see the detail

All items are from S$12.90-S$25.90

This 4 in 1 apparel pre-order consist of
1. HongKong Apparel
2.Taiwan Apparel
3.Japan Apparel
4.Korean Apparel

There are 200++ over of different style & design for you to choose from

Make up - InStock
Anna Sui, M.A.C, Bobbi Brown

*Click on the Image to see the detail
All item only have 1 pc each, So get it fast !!!

100% Brand New manufactured condition
*Pls note that all products here is not the real branded products

No Handling frees
No shipping frees

Thanks for support ;)


[Happy Shopping ]

About this blog♥

up date will be done here !
If you took part in any of the Pre-order activity here, pls check this page regularly :)
Any enquiries pls email to
I will reply the mails daily from 11pm-12pm.


♥Make up - InStock Open
♥4 in 1 Apparel Pre-order#4 Closed
♥我的美丽日记 Mask Pre-order #1 Closed
♥我的美丽日记 Mask Pre-order #2 Closed
♥4 in 1 Apparel Pre-order#1 Closed
♥4 in 1 Apparel Pre-order#2 Closed

Order Form♥

♥Make up - InStock -Order Form
♥4 in 1 Apparel Pre-order#4 -Order Form

Payment Details♥

♥4 in 1 Apparel Pre-order #4 -Payment Details

Items Sold♥

♥4 in 1 Apparel Pre-order - Items Sold

Promotion ♥


Bank/I-Banking Transfer to:
POSB savings a/c 194-74212-6

Enquiries ONLY !!!♥

Please NO Advertisements HERE
Any Enquiries ?
Just leave ur message here.


Advertisements ONLY!!!
Just leave ur Advertisements (tag box)here.
Shopping Directory here.


1. Shop n shop n shop in this site
2. Fill up the order form and send it to me
3. Make ur payment in 48 hours
4. Fill up ur payment detail and send it to me *this is very important*
5.Check ur order list *Make sure all items in the list is what u ordered*


1. If there's insufficient orders, I reserve the right to cancel any Pre-Order Activity.
2. I will not be responsible for lost mails.
3. I will not be responsible if the suppliers shipped wrong items. (it's very troublesome to send back to them in their countries for change, and it will be super expensive.)
4. Your order will be cancel,if there is no payment made after 48 hours
5. if items are Out Of Stock, there will be no refund but u can join me in the next Pre-Order/u can order another desing and money will be offset.
6.No full payment by 48 hours = No order
7. * I reserve the right to make any changes to the prices at any point of time (the new price will not be applicable to those who have placed their order, before the change in price).
8.Payment is Strictly via POSB transfer, I-Banking 9.Payment is to be made within 48 hours' upon confirming of purchase, or order will be deemed invalid.


What is a 'Pre-order'?
⇒ Pre-order means you will have to pay first in order to get your item.
Will I be able to collect my item on the spot?
⇒ Nope, when the preorder closes, I will send in all the order to my supplier
Roughly when will I get my 'Pre-order' stocks?
⇒ About 2-3 weeks. In time there may be some delayed due to out of stocks or shipment delayed
(some of the order even reach in 1-2 weeks time,depend on the order) Do you do supplying?
⇒Yes, I do supplying.


Meet up area will be at;
♠Along NEL mrt Station
♠AMK Hub/mrt Station
♠Yio Chu Kang Mrt Station
(All meet up will be include $3 for transportation frees)
(Meet up at my convenience only.)

postage is strongly recommend!
Singpost is use for delivery of items locally & Speedpost for delivery of items overseas.
You can choose for the Normal mail or Registered mail

Registered mail(strongly recommend!)
An additional of S$2.30 on top of normal mail fee.
*You will be issued a tracking number.
For overseas buyer, shipping charges will be based on weight & costs by Speedpost.
*Price may differ according to weight of item, do note that there might be top-ups for heavier items.
Please allow up to 3-5 working days for items to be sent out.
♠ If you have made multiple purchases, do inform us so that we can consolidate and send the items out together in a package
♠ BeautyCreations would not be held responsible for any lost mail or damages incurred during mailing process as items would be carefully and securely packed before being sent out

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